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    ‘Pink Is for Boys’ Book Review

    'Pink Is for Boys' Book Review

    My oldest daughter loves the color pink. When she was a baby, however, I dressed her in all colors of the rainbow. I did the same with my son and now my second daughter. My son now also loves the color pink just like his big sister. In my house, all colors are for all people. Thus, when recently offered the chance to review Pink Is for Boys written by Robb Pearlman with illustrations from Eda Kaban in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to add a new title to my home library for my son and two daughters.


    Currently residing in a white and green house in New Jersey with his husband and the butterscotch-colored best puppy in the world named Oscar, author Robb Pearlman is the author of many books including Groundhog’s Day Off, Raggedy Ann and Andy: Leaf Dance, and Passover is Here! He grew up in New York City, and his current favorite color is blue.

    Currently residing in Oakland, California with her husband, illustrator Eda Kaban has had a passion for drawing, reading, and monkey bars since a young age. She was born and raised in Turkey and now enjoys climbing rocks and biking the hills of the Bay area when not drawing. She has illustrated a number of books in addition to Pink Is for Boys.


    “Pink is for boys. And girls,” begins Pink Is for Boys written by Robb Pearlman and illustrated by Eda Kaban. Described as an “empowering and educational picture book that proves colors are for everyone, regardless of gender,” the timely picture book rethinks and reframes the stereotypical blue/pink gender binary, instead encouraging all readers to identify with any and all colors of the rainbow. The sweet and simple book recommended for readers in preschool through third grade offers a powerful message: Life is not color-coded. With a release date of June 5, 2018, the 40-page hardback version of the book currently costs $17.99 on Amazon.

    Cover of 'Pink Is for Boys' Inside Pages of 'Pink Is for Boys' 1

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    I strive to allow my kids to express themselves in all ways possible regardless of gender. When my son wants to make a princess wand at his museum class, he can make a princess wand. When my daughter wanted to try karate for a year, she could try karate. If both my older children want to wear pink one day and black the next, I let them chose their own outfits. I thus love the message in Pink Is for Boys. I consider the message especially important for my son who must grow up in a world dominated by masculinity. No one bats an eye anymore when a girl wears blue pants, but some naysayers still have a problem with a little boy who wants to wear a pink t-shirt or his big sister’s hand-me-down purple shirt with autumn flowers on the front. I therefore appreciate that Pink Is for Boys imparts the message that all colors are for all people, girls and boys. The timely picture book is perfect for young readers of all genders in the modern climate of choice and acceptance.

    In addition to the positive message in Pink Is for Boys, I like the range of readers to which the book appeals. My three-year-old enjoys listening to me and his older sister read the story aloud to him. My six-year-old easily reads through the text on her own. My infant daughter also likes when I read the simple book out loud to her and her big brother. I also love the illustrations in the book, which help bring the text to life. The pictures are cute and colorful. I especially appreciate the inclusion of children of all colors. All three of my child like the illustrations throughout the book as well.

    Final Verdict

    All colors are for all people regardless of gender imparts Pink Is for Boys written by Robb Pearlman with illustrations by Eda Kaban. Recommended for readers in preschool through third grade, the colorful picture book shows kids that life is not color-coded. With a son who loves pink and purple, I find the message quite powerful and important. I hope that my little boy never decides to stop liking his favorite colors simply because our society all too often thinks of the rainbow in terms of “girl colors” and “boy colors.” The text is simple but sweet, and the colorful pictures perfectly illustrate the story. My kids and I give Pink Is for Boys many thumbs up and highly recommend the timely book to all readers!

    Purchase Pink Is for Boys on Amazon via my affiliate link.

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