Review of ‘Blessings’ Book from flattenme

BlessingsA blessing for Poppy,
May your world shine bright.
Filled with happiness and joy,
From morning until night.

My daughter and I love reading books together each day. She especially enjoys her personalized books such as Owl Always Love You: A Bedtime Story for Little Night Owls from flattenme. Thus, when flattenme offered me a copy of Blessings to review, I jumped at the opportunity to check out another personalized book for my bookworm daughter.

Blessings by Robyn Spizman and illustrated by Gale Franey is another adorable personalized book from flattenme. The story, which is told in rhyme, reminds a child about the blessings in life. The young reader is reminded that he or she is a blessing in a world full of amazing blessings. I really love the message in Blessings, which is important for little ones to hear.

In addition to the message, I especially like some of the creative rhymes throughout the book. Both my daughter and I particularly love the verse about counting your blessings. She loves counting one by one, and I love the little rhyme of rhyme and time.

A blessing for Poppy,
Is written in this rhyme.
Count your blessing every day
One by one at a time.

Although both the message and the rhyming text in the story are both amazing, my favorite part about Blessings are the illustrations. Gale Franey creates a whimsical, creative world that reflects the message in the book. Two of my favorite pictures are the squirrel with the strawberry and the cat lounging in front of the fire. My daughter likes the polar bear and the owl.

As a personalized book, Blessings incorporates your child’s name throughout the story. As I read this book to her time and time again, my daughter hears that she is a blessing. Once we get to the end of the story, I always make sure to tell her that she is the best blessing that I have ever received. And she really seems to like hearing her name inserted into the book as I read the story aloud.

Birds in Blessings Squirrel in Blessings Polar Bear in Blessings

Apples in Blessings Cat in Blessings Owl in Blessings

Final Verdict: Blessings from flattenme is another sweet personalized book. The story reminds a child that he or she is a blessing in this world. In addition to the rhymed text, I especially love the whimsical illustrations that help bring the story to life. The special message is also so important for young readers to hear. My daughter and I give Blessings four enthusiastic thumbs up. I highly recommend this book to any parent looking for a personalized book for a child.

For more information or to purchase a copy, check out Blessings on the flattenme website. The book costs $29.95 for a paperback and $34.95 for a hardback. The flat shipping rate is an additional $3.99. You can also follow flattenme on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or through the flattenme blog.

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Birds in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson
Squirrel in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson
Polar Bear in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson
Apples in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson
Cat in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson
Owl in Blessings © 2013 Heather Johnson

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