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  • C Is for Cookie Paper Plate Craft

    C Is for Cookie Paper Plate Craft

    C is for cookie! Make a fun chocolate chip cookie craft to help your preschooler learn about the letter Cc using paper plates, construction paper, paint, and cotton swabs. Materials White paper plates Brown construction paper Scissors Glue Black paint Cotton swabs Instructions Cut the brown construction paper into small squares. Glue the brown squares […] More

  • Goodie Girl Cookies Gluten-Free Cookies Review

    Gluten-Free Snacking with Goodie Girl Cookies

    Do you love cookies? I sure do! And so do my kiddos. In my home, I do not forbid any foods but instead talk about anytime foods versus sometimes foods. Cookies are a sometimes food. When I do indulge my sweet tooth, I want a decadent cookie that tastes great. Earlier in the summer, I […] More

  • Hidden Garden Cookies Review

    Hidden Garden Cookies Review

    I love baking cookies. I also love eating cookies, and my kids love helping me! In addition to cookies, my family also enjoys vegetables. However, as I have previously written, I am always searching for new ways to sneak in the vegetables in the meals I make. When Hidden Garden recently approached me about reviewing […] More

  • My Favorite Christmas Cookies

    My Favorite Christmas Cookies

    Baking massive amounts of Christmas cookies during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a family tradition that I have continued with my children. Each year I make all my favorites, adding a new recipe to the mix every now and again. Here are my personal favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Sugar Cookies Colorfully decorated sugar […] More