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  • My Favorite Halloween Episodes

    My Favorite Halloween Episodes

    My family and I love Halloween! We have been planning our costumes for months. In the past, we have dressed as Sesame Street characters and the Peanuts gang. My girls have trick or treated as flamingos, and my two oldest were the most adorable little pumpkins. I even dressed my baby bump as a pumpkin […] More

  • The Duck and The World's Only Curious George Store

    The Duck and The World’s Only Curious George Store

    The Duck and The World’s Only Curious George Store features a rubber duck on a rack of shirts at The World’s Only Curious George Store at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the beginning of 2013, I made a resolution to post a weekly photograph of a rubber duck. Because my daughter loved rubber duckies […] More

  • Halloween Books for Preschoolers: Poppy's Picks

    Halloween Books for Preschoolers: Poppy’s Picks

    My daughter and I love reading books together. Because Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, she and I especially love reading our favorite Halloween books together. Here are some of our favorite, and recommended, books for Halloween for preschoolers, all available on Amazon via my affiliate links. Curious George Haunted Halloween (2014) Curious George […] More