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  • Fertility Fraud and Proposed Legislation

    Fertility Fraud and Proposed Legislation

    I stumbled upon the world of fertility fraud on TikTok a few weeks ago when a video from Laura High showed up in my feed. (Check her out! She is hilarious and informative.) She is a donor-conceived person who advocates for the passing of fertility fraud legislation at the federal level. So, what is fertility […] More

  • Creating Families with Growing Generations 2

    Creating Families with Growing Generations

    Thank you to Growing Generations for sponsoring the following post. All opinions are my own. Having problems conceiving can make parents-to-be feel hopeless. My son took only two months to conceive, but my daughter took a bit longer. After losing my first pregnancy to a miscarriage, I experienced anovulation. For nearly six months, I felt […] More

  • Smoking During Pregnancy and Male Fertility

    Smoking During Pregnancy May Harm Male Fertility

    The increased health risks associated with smoking during pregnancy for mothers and babies are well-documented. Now a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction suggests that mothers who continue to smoke while pregnant could damage the future fertility of their sons. Previous studies have linked smoking during pregnancy to an increased risk of nicotine […] More