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  • Gardening Fork

    Gardening Tools: About the Weeding Fork

    A gardening weeding fork (which is also referred to as a gardening fork or a garden fork) is a gardening tool used primarily for weed removal. Unlike shovels and trowels, weeding forks cleanly remove plants from the soil at the roots without digging up large clumps of dirt. In addition to being an especially good […] More

  • Using Pruning Shears

    How to Use and Buy Pruning Shears

    Pruning shears (which are also referred to as hedge pruning shears, hand shears, garden shears, secateurs, and loppers) are a useful gardening tool primarily used for pruning or cutting back bushes and shrubs and for trimming smaller branches from trees. Shears are also useful for cutting flowers and fruits from plants. Unlike other blades or […] More

  • Hand Tiller 3

    Gardening Tools: About the Hand Tiller

    Of all the available gardening tools, hand tillers (which are also sometimes referred to as hand cultivators) are one of the best implements for loosening and aerating garden soil. Depending on the quality of your soil, it may also be necessary for you to mix peat moss, mulch, or fertilizer into your garden soil. A […] More