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  • Halloween Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

    Halloween Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

    Ghost crafts make for a perfect Halloween activity! I also love using recycled materials such as toilet paper rolls in the crafts projects that I complete with my kiddos. Help celebrate the holiday with your young child by making a simple and non-spooky Halloween ghost toilet paper roll craft. Materials Toilet paper rolls Nontoxic white […] More

  • G Is for Ghost Halloween Paper Plate Craft

    G Is for Ghost Halloween Paper Plate Craft

    G is for ghost! Make a fun ghost craft to help your preschooler learn about the letter Gg using paper plates, glue, markers, and yarn. Ghosts also make for perfect spooky but fun Halloween decorations. Materials White paper plates Scissors Black marker White glue White yarn Hole punch Instructions Cut one paper plate into a […] More

  • Origami Ghost Craft

    Origami Ghost Craft

    My daughter and I absolutely love making crafts together for each holiday. In addition to our recent footprint crafts, she and I have also delved into the world of origami. For our first Halloween origami project, we tried our hand at folded paper ghosts. Step 1 Fold the paper square in half diagonally and crease. […] More

  • Ghost Footprint Craft

    Ghost Footprint Craft

    My kiddos and I have been hard at work making all sorts of fun Halloween crafts. I personally love making footprint crafts with my children because I can lock a small piece of my babies in time. For a recent Halloween craft, we made some adorably spooky footprint ghosts. Materials Black paper White and black […] More

  • Halloween Pumpkin, Monster, and Ghost Egg Carton Craft

    Halloween Pumpkin, Monster, and Ghost Egg Carton Craft

    Pumpkins, monsters, and ghosts scream Halloween! Help your young crafter celebrate the holiday with a fun Halloween pumpkin, monster, and ghost egg carton craft. Materials Cardboard egg carton Scissors Orange, white, green, and black paint Paintbrush Scrap cardboard Glue Instructions Cut apart the egg carton cups. Paint two cups each orange, white, and green. Paint […] More

  • 'Ghosts in the House!' Book Review

    ‘Ghosts in the House!’ Book Review

    “Once there was a girl who went to live in a big old house at the edge of town. It was a splendid place, but there was one problem,” begins Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara. A haunted house would pose a problem for many little girls — unless, of course, that little girl […] More

  • Easy Halloween Ghost Yard Decorations

    Easy Halloween Ghost Yard Decorations

    I love decorating inside and outside my house during the Halloween season. Last week while driving through my town, I noticed that one of my neighbors had decorated their front sidewalk with adorable little ghosts. I immediately made my own Halloween ghosts out of some plastic bags that I already had at home. I then […] More