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  • Tangy Lime Cream Cookies Recipe

    Tangy Lime Cream Cookies Recipe

    Baking cookies with my family during the holiday season is a tradition in my house. One of our favorite types of cookies is thumbprint cookies. This year I also made a variation on our classic thumbprint cookies: tangy lime cream cookies. The tangy lime filling pairs deliciously with the semi-sweet cookie. Ingredients Filling 2/3 cup […] More

  • Mint Jelly Recipe

    Mint Jelly Recipe

    Last year I grew a couple of mint plants in containers on my patio. Apparently some of the mint escaped because I have a huge volunteer mint plant growing in the landscaping next to my patio. I am perfectly happy to have mint growing in my garden, especially if the mint crowds out weeds. Yesteryear […] More

  • Pink Apple Jelly Recipe

    Pink Apple Jelly Recipe

    I currently have two apple trees in my front yard. The Jonathan apple tree produced approximately 1000 apples this year. I have thus been busy making and canning applesauce. My husband bought me a peeler and corer, which made the task so much quicker and so much easier. I can make my own chunky applesauce […] More

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies Recipe

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies Recipe

    I love baking and especially enjoy baking cookies. I have also recently been experimenting with using unsweetened applesauce in my cookie recipes to lower the sugar content. During the holidays, I love making thumbprint cookies and peanut butter Kiss cookies. Last weekend I combined parts of the two recipes to make some delicious peanut butter […] More

  • Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

    Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

    Thumbprint cookies are one of my favorite holiday cookies. I love the light, crumbly cookie mixed with the sweetness of the jelly or jam. My favorite jam for thumbprint cookies is blackberry jam. My husband, though, prefers raspberry jam. This year my daughter and I made a double batch of thumbprint cookies. Half of the […] More