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  • Mint Jelly Recipe

    Mint Jelly Recipe

    Last year I grew a couple of mint plants in containers on my patio. Apparently some of the mint escaped because I have a huge volunteer mint plant growing in the landscaping next to my patio. I am perfectly happy to have mint growing in my garden, especially if the mint crowds out weeds. Yesteryear […] More

  • Peppermint Sugar Cookies Recipe

    Peppermint Sugar Cookies Recipe

    I love batching dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies with my family for the holidays. One of my favorite cookies to bake is rolled sugar cookies that I decorate with colored sugar. This year in addition to the traditional sugar cookies, I also created a batch of peppermint sugar cookies. Instead of the vanilla and […] More

  • Mint Chocolate Fudge Cake Crinkles Recipe

    Mint Chocolate Fudge Cake Crinkles Recipe

    Mint and chocolate make me think of the winter holidays. I also love the simplicity of Christmas cookies made with boxed cake mixes. Yesterday I shared my new recipe for chocolate cake crinkles made with a box of chocolate cake mix. In addition to the plain chocolate cookies, I also recently make a delicious batch […] More

  • Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

    Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

    I love mint, especially during the holidays. But I also love mint throughout the rest of the year. I also love using boxed baking mixes as a base for my own creations. Using a sugar cookie mix, I made some simple but delicious mint chocolate chip cookies. Ingredients 1/2 cup of butter 1 package of […] More