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  • Apple and Zucchini Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Apple and Zucchini

    When my daughter first started eating solid food at six months old, she ate homemade baby food that I lovingly prepared for her. Now that she is an older toddler, she eats other foods. However, to fill in any nutritional gaps as she grew from an infant into a toddler, I continued feeding her from […] More

  • Baked Basil Pizza with Zucchini

    Sneaking in the Vegetables: Basil Pizza with Zucchini

    Although my family generally likes vegetables, I am always looking for create ways in which to sneak more veggies into our meals. At the end of the summer while making a homemade pizza with basil picked fresh from my garden, I realized that I still had part of a zucchini in my refrigerator. Not wanting […] More

  • Baked Zucchini Pizzas

    Baking Zucchini Pizzas: Wordless Wednesday

    Making zucchini pizzas is as simple as layering some tomato sauce, basil, yellow tomato slices, and mozzarella cheese on top of some slices of zucchini. Image Credits Zucchini Slices on Baking Sheet © 2013 Heather Johnson Adding Tomato Sauce to the Zucchini Slices © 2013 Heather Johnson Adding Basil to the Tomato Sauce © 2013 […] More

  • Zucchini and Sugar Snap Pea Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Zucchini and Sugar Snap Peas

    Although she is almost nineteen months old, my toddler daughter still loves the baby food that I lovingly prepare for her. I like that I can ensure that she eats a well-balanced diet full of vegetables and fruit. She loves the taste and the texture. She does eat unmashed foods, but she still loves her […] More

  • Freezing Pumpkin and Zucchini Baby Food in Ice Cube Trays

    Homemade Baby Food Recipes: Pumpkin and Zucchini

    When my daughter turned six months old, I stopped exclusively breastfeeding her and began introducing complementary foods into her diet. Instead of buying commercial baby food from the store, I primarily fed her food that I had turned into homemade baby food. Not only is making your own baby food cheaper, but homemade baby food […] More