Eight Ways to Look Fierce in a Flash

Woman Looking in Mirror“Just a sec” does not literally mean one second for a woman. When dressing up, she needs ample time for herself to look pretty. Whether you have the whole day preparing for your engagement party or just ten minutes to begin that presentation in front of the CEO of your company, get your women’s perfume ready, your crowning glory smooth and sleek, and your skin glowing. Follow these eight ways for a fierce you in a flash!

1. Spray your favorite women’s perfume on your bra or on a padded hanger where your blouse or dress will be hanged. With the scent clinging on the fabric early in the morning, you can expect the scent to last the whole day. This way, you do not have to bring a heavy bottle of perfume with you when you go out for work or for pleasure.

2. When you do not have time to pull off a complete makeup regimen, give your lips that ravishing red color. You do not have to apply an eye makeup because a scarlet pout is enough for you to get noticed.

3. Give yourself a glow. A self-tanner is readily available to give yourself enough color and an illusion of toned arms and legs. If you are not a fan of fake tans, a bronzing shimmer is enough to give you a temporary sun-kissed glow. You can try Frangipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil from Lucy B. for starters.

4. Style your hair in under five minutes with anything sparkly. Add a headband with a rhinestones or a flower crown. Braid your hair that falls on the side. Do a high, messy bun. And, if all else fails, grab a dry shampoo and spray all over your hair for some instant fragrant and volumized tresses.

5. Keep your purse light and economical just by stashing a small tube that goes well with your lips and cheek. With only one choice, it will not be hard for you to apply a juicy pop on your lips and a pinch of color on your cheeks. The Balm Stainiac Hint Of Tint For Lips and Cheeks in Beauty Queen shade is available for $17 at Beauty Encounter.

6. Want to make your eyes pop? Skip the common black or brown eyeliner, and choose a sparkly, metallic one. You can pick gold or silver tones, but other colors are now available like aqua, pink, and green. No need for an eye shadow with this cool and funky eye makeup.

7. Skip the hot coffee to wake you up in the morning, and munch on fresh apples instead. An apple can stabilize your body’s sugar level so it keeps you awake and enthusiastic. Apples are also a good source of fiber so your body can easily flush away toxins. Apples work with a glowing skin from the inside.

8. If you do not have time to wax your legs, show of your hairless legs by shaving with conditioner. Even a disposable shave can remove hair in an instant without having to scratch or cut your skin. Do not forget to splash a dose of baby oil or fragrant dry oil after to keep your legs smooth and glowing after shaving.

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