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  • Reese and Luke Baby Balm

    Reese and Luke Baby Balm Review

    With my sensitive skin, I am always looking for new skin care products to try that use more natural ingredients. I also prefer to use more natural products on my toddler daughter and will do the same for my second child. I’m quite picky with the skincare that I use on myself and my family, […] More

  • Buckle Strappy Gladiator Heels

    Ten Ways Women Struggle in the Name of Fashion

    Some people think that fashion just comes easily to women, especially when many have this ability to wear a rag kind of apparel but still look hot anyway. Walking confidently in heels may seem like walking naturally, or perfect skin always seems hereditary. When it comes to fashion, there are ten ways women struggle just […] More

  • Grandma's Pure and Natural Laundry Soap and Soaps

    Grandma’s Pure and Natural Review

    Since the birth of my daughter, I have made an attempt to use fewer potentially harmful chemicals around my home — both for cleaning and for personal use. I use vinegar to clean my kitchen, and natural cleansers for my bathroom sink and tub. I also use more natural skin and hair care products when […] More

  • Woman Looking in Mirror

    Eight Ways to Look Fierce in a Flash

    “Just a sec” does not literally mean one second for a woman. When dressing up, she needs ample time for herself to look pretty. Whether you have the whole day preparing for your engagement party or just ten minutes to begin that presentation in front of the CEO of your company, get your women’s perfume […] More

  • Honeycat Cosmetics

    Honeycat Cosmetics Review

    Honeycat Cosmetics offers a line of skin care and beauty products created and developed by owner Theresa Spruill. Throughout history, cats have been used as a symbol of female sexuality and sensuality. Honeycat draws upon that symbolism to make grooming time an event. Honeycat products are natural and never tested on animals. When Honeycat recently […] More

  • Diva Stuff Beauty Products

    Diva Stuff Review

    Diva Stuff is a family and friend run business in north Florida that sells natural beauty products. Diva Stuff began when Kym, the owner and product crafter, started doing extensive research about all natural anti-acne fighting ingredients, face products, soaps, and skin care secrets from around the world. She and her friends now make and […] More