Ten Ways Women Struggle in the Name of Fashion

Buckle Strappy Gladiator HeelsSome people think that fashion just comes easily to women, especially when many have this ability to wear a rag kind of apparel but still look hot anyway. Walking confidently in heels may seem like walking naturally, or perfect skin always seems hereditary. When it comes to fashion, there are ten ways women struggle just because getting these right takes plenty of effort to do so.

1. When you are traveling to the fashion capitals Paris, Milan, Tokyo or London, you try your best to walk glamorously in five-inch heels when, in fact, you are dying to just walk in a comfy pair of lace-up gladiator shoes or flats. However, you want to look posh and fashion forward in pictures, so you suck up whatever pain your heels are causing you.

2. White pants are definitely classy, especially when you pair them with the right pumps, chiffon blouse, and pearl necklace. However, keeping white clean and unstained is really difficult unless you have a chauffeur to drive you around town the whole day and you do not have to take the subway ever again.

3. Painting your nails while you are watching your favorite TV series or a movie you cannot keep your eyes off sometimes means you suddently realize you need to re-do them one more time because bubbles and wrinkles are now appearing on your manicure.

4. Finally, your cheat day comes and you are allowed to consume a slice of pizza. You realize how long you have been starving yourself from “good” food for a month, so you are getting another slice and ordering maybe that juicy serving of bacon burger with fries on the side. Eating healthy is important for beauty but is not always easy.

5. Finally having the courage to wear that spandex material kind of top, but then you realize you do not have the right bra underneath.

6. You are excited to wear that new shade of red that is a MAC Ruby Woo dupe. You applied the perfectly, but, after a couple of hours, you find the color bleeding at the edges. So much for cheap makeup, but you do not have a single penny to buy some real MAC lipstick.

7. You are coming home from a club party, not realizing that your black liner and mascara have already run down the edges of your eyes just because you are all sweaty and steamy from the dance floor. You wipe the streaks away with tissue, and you suddenly freak out because lots of photos were taken already. You do not know when the makeup started messing up.

8. Trying to hide your unshaved legs under a thick, skin tone pair of tights when you notice your (possible) future employer keeps on looking at your legs. He is probably disturbed by the swirls of hair struggling to tear your pair of tights apart.

9. You found something really nice on sale (top, dress, leather jeans, maxi dress, etc.), and the shop has tons of stock and colors on the rack. The store just does not have your size.

10. That lady at the beauty counter tells you exactly how much you need a moisturizer, a night serum, and an eye depuffing cream in their brand just because she just wants to make a sale.

Do you ever struggle for fashion or beauty?

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