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    How to Make Your Own Baby Food

    For the most part, my daughter eats homemade baby food. She also gets a few bites of whatever I am eating, especially when my husband and I take her out for mommy-daddy-daughter dates, but the rest of the time she eats fruits and veggies that I have prepared for her. Making my own baby food is so much easier and much healthier than using commercial baby foods. In fact, I have an entire freezer shelf devoted just to the foods that I have prepared and frozen for my daughter.

    Baby Food Processor

    To make my own baby food, I invested in a baby food processor. As one of our gifts for our baby shower, an aunt bought us the food processor that I wanted. I then went out a bought the accompanying freezer tray set. However, the freezer tray set is more for my convenience than a necessity, although I do use the freezer containers for more than just freezing the baby food.

    To make a batch of homemade baby food, I begin by cleaning and cooking the fruit or vegetable. I scrub off the food in the sink with regular tap water. I peel and cut the food as necessary. Then I cook the food in the microwave with a little bit of distilled water. I use distilled water for cooking to avoid giving my daughter too much fluoride. Harder fruits and veggies like sweet potatoes and squash need about ten minutes in the microwave. Softer fruits and vegetables like bananas need only about five.

    Making Baby Food in a Baby Food Processor

    After cooking and allowing the food to cool, I place the softened fruit or veggie in my baby food processor. I use the water used for cooking as well instead of adding more so that I retain the nutrients that leached into the water. I then blend the food until soft and mashed.

    Frozen Baby Food Corn in Ice Cube Tray

    Sometimes I give my daughter freshly mashed baby food. However, for the most part, I freeze the batches that I make. Most of the time, I put the mashed food in ice cube trays for freezing. However, sometimes I do use my baby food freezer containers.

    Homemade Spinach Baby Food Frozen Baby Food in Freezer Containers

    After the homemade baby food is frozen in the ice cube trays, I pop the cubes out and into labeled freezer bags. I then store the bags of frozen baby food cubes in my deep freezer. I have an entire shelf devoted to just baby food for my daughter.

    Frozen Cubes of Baby Food Freezer Stash of Baby Food

    When my daughter is ready to eat, I simply take out a few cubes of baby food to thaw. I use either little reusable BPA-free plastic containers with lids or I use the freezer containers to hold the thawing baby food in the refrigerator. The freezer containers are great for taking the food out with us when we go out to dinner. Sometimes I will also microwave the baby food cubes for a few seconds to speed up the thawing process. After the food is thawed, my daughter gobbles her dinner right up. Bon appetit!

    Thawing the Frozen Baby Food Thawed Cube of Frozen Baby Food

    Do you make your own baby food?

    For more information about making your own baby food, check out Using a Magic Bullet to Make Baby Food from Spoon Fed Baby.

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