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Let's Count Fish!As part of her homeschool preschool education, my daughter has been working on the basic math skill of counting. To help her learn her numbers, I have been checking out as many counting books as possible from the library. Thus, when Michaela Schuett recently offered me the chance to review her Let’s Count Fish! children’s book, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. I received both Let’s Count Fish! and Let’s Count and Color Fish!: A Coloring and Activity Book for Pre-Schoolers.


Author and illustrator Michaela Schuett is a self-appointed counter of all funny things including fish. Most days she can be found somewhere in Ohio counting sunny days, giggles, and jelly beans. Let’s Count Fish! is her first book but she hopes to someday write and draw more than she can count. You can follow her via her Michaela Schuett blog.


Let’s Count Fish! currently retails for $12.95 and Let’s Count and Color Fish!: A Coloring and Activity Book for Pre-Schoolers for $8.99 on Amazon. Compared to other similar hardcover counting books for preschoolers, I consider Let’s Count Fish! comparatively priced. The accompanying coloring and activity book is also comparatively priced to other similar workbooks. As a homeschooling mom, I especially appreciate that the activity book goes with the story book.

Cover of Let's Count Fish! Inside Pages of Let's Count Fish!


Let’s Count Fish! is a pretty straightforward counting book for preschoolers in which young readers go fishing with Cat and count fish from one to ten. However, the rhymed text paired with bright illustrations offers a fresh approach to the youngest readers for learning numbers. Because of the rhymes, I enjoy reading the book out loud to my two kiddos again and again. Both my preschooler daughter and my infant son enjoy hearing the rhymed text as well. The fish are absolutely hilarious: Some fish have stripes like bees while others swim upside down. The font is large, which helps preschoolers who are learning to read as well as to count. My daughter especially likes pointing out the numerals on each page as she counts along to the fish in the story as I read the book aloud. Let Count Fish! is a simple counting book with some fun twists that make learning to count exciting.


My absolute favorite part of Let’s Count Fish! is the illustrations. Each page is filled with brightly colored pictures of funny fish to count. As my preschooler daughter says, “I like the fish because they are pretty. They live under the water and have different colors.” She especially likes the fish that are ready to play because the thinks the tennis racket and balls are hilarious. She also likes the other smaller details on the pages. When I asked her to point out some of her favorite features, she showed me the bottom of the boat and the fishing hook. My infant son also seems to enjoy the colorful illustrations. He stares at and points to the pictures when he sits on my lap as I read the book aloud to him.

Let’s Count and Color Fish!: A Coloring and Activity Book for Pre-Schoolers features the same funny fish illustrations as the Let’s Count Fish! book but in a fun preschool workbook format. Each page offers young learners the chance to count, color, write, and practice other early education skills. I plan to use the activity book later in the year as far of my homeschool preschool curriculum.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a fun counting book for your preschooler, I highly recommend Let’s Count Fish! written and illustrated by Michaela Schuett. At $12.95 for the hardcover version, the book is comparatively priced. The optional Let’s Count and Color Fish!: A Coloring and Activity Book for Pre-Schoolers workbook for $8.99 is an added bonus that makes the book perfect for a preschool curriculum. The rhymed text of the book is fun to read again and again, and the brightly colored and wacky illustrations make counting exciting for young learners. My daughter and I give Let’s Count Fish! four enthusiastic thumbs up!

Let's Count Fish! and Let's Count and Color Fish!

For more information or to make a purchase, visit Michaela Schuett, Cargo Collective, and The Omnibus Publishing. You can also follow Michaela Schuett on Twitter. You can purchase Let’s Count Fish! and Let’s Count and Color Fish!: A Coloring and Activity Book for Pre-Schoolers on Amazon via my affiliate links.

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