Mummy Dogs Recipe

Mummy Dogs

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, and I love whipping up some spooky foods to serve my kiddos. One super easy recipe that makes my kids giggle is mummy dogs. All you need are some hot dogs and crescent rolls for this spooktacular take on pigs in a blanket!


  • Hot dogs
  • Crescent rolls
  • Ketchup
  • Optional: American cheese


  1. Wrap each hot dog in an uncooked crescent roll. Optional: Place a slice of American cheese between the hog dog and crescent roll.
  2. Cook the crescent roll and hot dog according to the directions on the package of crescent rolls.
  3. Allow to cool slightly.
  4. Serve the cooked mummy dogs with ketchup.
  5. Refrigerate any uneaten mummy dogs.

Mummy Dogs

Image Credits

Mummy Dogs Recipe © 2014 Heather Johnson
Mummy Dogs © 2014 Heather Johnson

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