Popsicle Stick Star Craft

Popsicle Stick Star Craft

I have always enjoyed making crafts, especially for the holidays, and I have continued the tradition with my children. Last year for our homeschool lesson on stars, my daughter and I made a simple but fun star craft using popsicle sticks and beads. Once the Christmas season began and my daughter helped me deck the halls and trim the trees, I hung her star craft on my Christmas tree, adding the homemade decoration to my collection of treasured ornaments.



  1. Arrange the popsicle sticks to form a star.
  2. Glue the popsicle sticks together.
  3. After the glue dries, paint the popsicle stick star.
  4. After the paint dries, decorate the popsicle stick star with flat beads or jewels.
  5. Loop a circle of yarn around one corner of the star.
  6. Hang the popsicle stick star.

Finished Popsicle Stick Star Craft

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Written by Heather Johnson

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