Seven Tricks for Soon-to-Be Mommies to Stay Comfortable and Fashionable

Seven Tricks for Soon-to-Be Mommies to Stay Comfortable and FashionablePregnant women are always beautiful, but sometimes we do not feel that inner beauty pouring out. The truth is that pregnancy often leads women to feel dragged down and wiped out — not the stuff of fashion magazines. Instead of feeling downtrodden, try some of these tips to feel a bit more stylish during your pregnancy and get back to your old self.

1. Sweater Coats: Every pregnant woman wants to be comfortable, and add cozy to that equation and you have a winning outfit. Sweater coats are great because they are soft and warm but offer plenty roomy to grow with you through your pregnancy. And they can be worn around the house, almost like a bathrobe, but are stylish enough to wear out on the town.

2. Empire Waists: When you are pregnant, empire waistlines are your friend. This style refers to waistlines that sit just below the bust so the material under can flow and spread out as you grow. Empire waists look cute and stylish, even on non-pregnant women, and work well in blouses and dresses.

3. Scarves: Scarves are the ideal accessory to wear during a pregnancy as the drape of the scarf can fall nicely right over the belly. Pick out a slew of scarves in some bright, punchy colors so you can mix up an outfit and make it look hip and modern with little effort and no matter what your size is at the moment.

4. Dresses: Dresses are the type of clothing item that sounds stuffy but really is not. Nice cotton dresses are soft, flowy, and roomy — a perfect option for pregnant women. Plus you can get basic dresses in so many styles with a multitude of patterns and colors, so there is something to suit all tastes.

5. Leggings: Listen: when you are pregnant, you may have no greater wardrobe friend than a good pair of leggings. Leggings are so incredibly versatile, taking you from day to night and from home to away, and leggings are comfortable and are able to grow with you. Plus, with brands like, you get stylish maternity leggings that help reduce pregnancy related swelling. A total plus!

6. Accessories: When a woman is pregnant, one of the most frustrating things to arise is that none of her favorite clothes still fit. However, this is not true of accessories. Accessories like purses, shoes, and jewelry still look great, so it is important to pull these items out during pregnancy and use them in new ways to create some stylish outfits that help you feel like your old self.

7. Salon: When you are expecting, you want to feel your best, and a lot of that has to do with taking care of yourself. A trip to the salon can achieve this easily. A manicure, pedicure, facial, or new cut and style for your hair can put a pep in your step, which can do wonders when you start to feel frumpy from pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, you have some major things on your mind. What you put on each morning is sometimes the least of it. Take the guesswork out of your morning routine with some tips that can keep you feeling hip and stylish no matter what month of your pregnancy you are in.

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