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    U Is for Urchin Sponge Craft

    U Is for Urchin Sponge Craft

    My daughter and I love doing projects together, especially crafts as part of our homeschool time. Last spring during a preschool lesson on the letter U, she and I constructed a super fun sea urchin from kitchen sponges.



    1. Cut each sponge into three pieces lengthwise for a total of fifteen sponge strips.
    2. Lay down the strips in stacks of four (and one stack of three).
    3. Line up the stacks in a row.
    4. Lay the a piece of yarn on a flat surface.
    5. Set the row of stacked sponges on the yarn.
    6. Tie the yarn tightly around the sponges, cinching the centers of the sponges tightly.
    7. Fluff the sponges to form an urchin.

    Finished Sponge Urchin Craft

    For another fun urchin craft, try my U Is for Urchin Handprint Craft.

    Image Credits

    U Is for Urchin Sponge Craft © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Finished Sponge Urchin Craft © 2015 Heather Johnson

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