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  • Looking Fabulous in Dresses from Princess Awesome

    Looking Fabulous in Dresses from Princess Awesome

    My daughter loves the color pink. But she chose her favorite color on her own. As an infant and toddler, I dressed her in all colors of the rainbow. She likes playing with dolls and My Little Ponies and other “girl” toys. But she also likes trains and dinosaurs and blocks. She also loves learning […] More

  • Baffle Mini Jedi Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Review

    Baffle Mini Jedi Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Review

    I am a big Star Wars fan, and my son loved watching the newest movie. He sat on the couch and stared at the television, absolutely enthralled. I also love dressing my babies in bodysuits, which stay put in cooler weather better than shirts. Onesies are also great to layer underneath other shirts. I am […] More

  • Genesis Poopsies

    Poopsies Review

    My daughter is twenty-seven months old, so she is largely past the explosion stage with her dirty diapers. However, as an infant, I did find myself dealing with a few messy blowouts, both in disposable and cloth diapers. Even this past December when my daughter was recovering from a stomach illness, she had one huge […] More

  • Container of Baby Clothes Organized by Size

    Organizing Outgrown Baby Clothes

    What is the best way to organize and store outgrown baby clothes? I recently asked myself the question about storing old baby clothes as I was putting away the clothes that no longer fit my daughter. Although she is only fourteen months old, my daughter already wears 24 month and 2T sizes. I therefore needed […] More

  • I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 1

    Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Leggings Review

    Now that cooler fall weather is upon us, I have been searching for warmer clothing for my daughter. Over the summer, she wore mostly onesies, dresses, and rompers that offered plenty of room for her fluffy bum. However, I have recently realized that finding pants, leggings, and tights that fit over her cloth diapers is […] More

  • Micheal Clark Reporting on the Onesie

    Parents Outraged by Baby Bikini Onesie at Gordman’s

    Parents are outraged at Gordman’s over a new baby onesie featuring a female body wearing a bikini, reports Action News 5. Said parent Cathryn McKee when asked about the baby bikini onesie, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child. I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on […] More