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  • Genesis Poopsies

    Poopsies Review

    My daughter is twenty-seven months old, so she is largely past the explosion stage with her dirty diapers. However, as an infant, I did find myself dealing with a few messy blowouts, both in disposable and cloth diapers. Even this past December when my daughter was recovering from a stomach illness, she had one huge […] More

  • Container of Baby Clothes Organized by Size

    Organizing Outgrown Baby Clothes

    What is the best way to organize and store outgrown baby clothes? I recently asked myself the question about storing old baby clothes as I was putting away the clothes that no longer fit my daughter. Although she is only fourteen months old, my daughter already wears 24 month and 2T sizes. I therefore needed […] More

  • I ♥ Papa Alva Baby Leggings 1

    Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Leggings Review

    Now that cooler fall weather is upon us, I have been searching for warmer clothing for my daughter. Over the summer, she wore mostly onesies, dresses, and rompers that offered plenty of room for her fluffy bum. However, I have recently realized that finding pants, leggings, and tights that fit over her cloth diapers is […] More

  • Micheal Clark Reporting on the Onesie

    Parents Outraged by Baby Bikini Onesie at Gordman’s

    Parents are outraged at Gordman’s over a new baby onesie featuring a female body wearing a bikini, reports Action News 5. Said parent Cathryn McKee when asked about the baby bikini onesie, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child. I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on […] More