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  • B Is for Baby Paper Plate Craft

    B Is for Baby Paper Plate Craft

    B is for baby! Make a fun baby craft to help your preschooler learn about the letter Bb using paper plates, construction paper, paint, and markers. Materials White paper plates Pink and blue paint Tan or brown construction paper Markers Paintbrush Scissors Glue Instructions Fold the bottom edges of the paper plate in to form […] More

  • Dried Food Sensory Box

    Making a Dried Food Sensory Box

    Lately I have been on a mission to do more activities and crafts with my daughter. I already read to her every night. I sing to her and dance with her. I talk to her all the time. We play with her evergrowing collection of toys. Her father and I take her to children’s museums […] More

  • Ladybug-Themed First Birthday Party

    Ladybug-Themed First Birthday Party

    For her first birthday, my daughter had a ladybug-themed birthday party. On Saturday, my aunt and my newest uncle, my cousin and her husband and daughter, and a family friend joined my family including my mom and dad at my parents’ house to celebrate with my daughter. The party was a success, and my daughter […] More