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  • The Problem with "Fed Is Best"

    The Problem with “Fed Is Best”

    Fed is best, right? On the surface, “fed is best” seems like a positive slogan. Upon delving deeper into the statement and website I immediately uncover significant problems with the movement. Fellow mom blogger Mama Banana’s Adventures ignited a firestorm yesterday with her post “The Truth About Fed Is Best.” In her post, she criticizes […] More

  • ECO-MA Reusable Nursing Pads Review

    ECO-MA Reusable Nursing Pads Review

    I have been nursing my two kids for a total of over four years now. During my early months as a nursing mom, I leaked a lot and used disposable nursing pads. However, as soon as I made the switch to cloth diapers when my daughter was three months old, I also made the switch […] More

  • Waiting Three to Five Days Between Introducing New Foods

    Waiting Three to Five Days Between Introducing New Foods

    When you started introducing solid foods to your baby, did you follow the “wait X number of days between each new food” rule? Most sources that I have found online recommend waiting three to five days before introducing new foods. When my daughter was an infant, my nurse practitioner mentioned waiting three days between new […] More

  • Medela Recycles

    Medela Recycles

    Medela is proud to announce Medela Recycles, a program focused on helping moms who have finished their breastfeeding journey help another mom start hers. The program was created in response to a petition on launched by an eco-conscious mother to encourage Medela to develop a system to allow mothers to properly dispose of their old pumps to keep […] More

  • Toddler Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding May Lower Risk of Childhood Leukemia

    Breastfeeding offers myriad benefits to mothers and babies. Now a new review of 18 previous studies published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics finds that breastfeeding may lower the risk of childhood leukemia. Childhood cancer is a leading cause of death among children and adolescents in developed countries, with leukemia accounting for 30 percent of childhood […] More

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