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  • A Short History of Christmas Cards

    A Short History of Christmas Cards

    How long do you think people have been sending Christmas cards? If you guessed “not that long,” then you are right. In the history of the holiday, the Christmas card is a modern invention. The first attested date of Christmas celebrated on December 25 was in 336 during the reign of Emperor Constantine, the first […] More

  • Pipe Cleaner Christmas Card Craft

    Pipe Cleaner Christmas Card Craft

    Do you send out holiday cards? This year as part of our holiday crafting spree, my daughter and I made some handmade Christmas tree holiday cards using pipe cleaners and beads. She and I used sparkly green pipe cleaners for a more festive feel, but you can use regular green pipe cleaner as well. I […] More

  • Simply to Impress Holiday Box 1

    Simply to Impress Holiday Card Review

    Every year during the holiday season, I send a holiday photo card to my family and friends. My husband, our daughter, and I take a family photo together on Thanksgiving, and then I get busy designing and ordering the card so that I can send everyone on my mailing list a little holiday greeting during […] More