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  • Looking Fabulous in Dresses from Princess Awesome

    Looking Fabulous in Dresses from Princess Awesome

    My daughter loves the color pink. But she chose her favorite color on her own. As an infant and toddler, I dressed her in all colors of the rainbow. She likes playing with dolls and My Little Ponies and other “girl” toys. But she also likes trains and dinosaurs and blocks. She also loves learning […] More

  • 'Curlee Girlee' Book Review

    ‘Curlee Girlee’ Book Review

    Every girl that I have ever known has hated her hair at some point in her life. Straight-haired girls wanted curls. Curly-haired girls wanted straight hair. Brunettes wanted to be blonde. Blondes wanted to be blonder. Redheads wanted less course hair. I personally have straight baby fine hair that often has a mind of its […] More

  • 'The Big Book of Girl Power' Book Review

    ‘The Big Book of Girl Power’ Book Review

    My kindergartener daughter is super into super heroes at the moment. She was super excited to receive the DC Super Heroes Little Library recently. Her favorite of the board books is My First Book of Girl Power because she loves pretending to be a “super girl.” When recently offered the chance to review The Big […] More

  • 'Isabella: Girl in Charge' Book Review

    ‘Isabella: Girl in Charge’ Book Review

    I want my daughter to know that she can do anything that boys can. I am also teaching my son that boys and girls are not limited in their attempts and achievements based on their sex or gender. During the past election cycle, my daughter and I talked a lot about the possibility of the […] More