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  • Books You Gotta Read: Age 2

    Books You Gotta Read: Age 2

    Are you looking for books to share with your 2-year-old? I began compiling this list of books when my children were 8, 5, and 2. We are a homeschooling family. I put a lot of emphasis on reading. In addition to more formal reading lessons, my oldest also must read 2.5 hours on her own […] More

  • PSA Toddler Pull-Along Trailer with Wooden Blocks Review

    PSA Toddler Pull-Along Trailer with Wooden Blocks Review

    I love simple toys for my kids. Although my four-year-old daughter gets to use the iPad for school time and occasionally for fun, I prefer that my kiddos play with physical toys that inspire the imagination and encourage creativity. Both my son and my daughter enjoy building with blocks. Blocks promote problem solving, mathematical skills, […] More

  • Naptime for a Very Tired Little Girl

    Napping Linked to Reduced Sleep Quality After Age 2

    Although many young children continue to take at least one nap daily as older toddlers and preschoolers, new research published in Archives of Disease in Childhood suggests that daytime napping results in poorer sleep quality in young children after age 2. Sleep recommendations for young children include allowing toddlers to take a nap during the […] More

  • Picky Eater at Dinner

    New Study Describes Behaviors and Preferences of Picky Eaters

    The picky eater makes many parents dread mealtimes. Although no scientific definition of picky eating exists, a new study from the University of Illinois published in the Journal of Sensory Studies defines four categories of picky eating through definable preferences and mealtime behaviors and demonstrates that parents define and experience picky eating differently. Explains Sharon […] More

  • Indoor Winter Toddler Activities Using Balls

    Indoor Winter Toddler Activities Using Balls

    With all the recent cold, snowy, and icy winter weather, my toddler daughter and I have been hunting for fun activities to do inside the house. During the warmer months, we enjoy walking down to one of our local parks and playing on the playground. Playing outside helps keep my daughter active and healthy. However, […] More

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    Simple Sesame Street Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

    Halloween greetings from The Parenting Patch! Halloween is my second favorite holiday (right between Christmas and Thanksgiving).¬†On Saturday, my husband and I helped our daughter carve her pumpkin into a Jack o’ lantern. The pumpkin has been sitting in a pan on top of the piano in our living room since then. As soon as […] More

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