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    Four Seasons Handprint Trees Craft

    Four Seasons Handprint Trees

    Making crafts is one of my favorite pastimes with which to share with my children. Last summer during our homeschool preschool lesson on the seasons, my daughter and I made four seasons handprint trees.



    1. Trace your child’s hand and arm on a piece brown paper.
    2. Cut out four brown hand and arm prints.
    3. Glue the brown handprints to the blue paper with the fingers pointing up.
    4. Decorate each handprint with painted fingerprints for each of the four seasons. (White snow for winter. Light green for spring. Dark green for summer. Red, orange, and yellow for fall.)
    5. Write the name of each season across the top of each handprint tree craft with a marker.

    Winter Handprint Tree Spring Handprint Tree
    Summer Handprint Tree Fall Handprint Tree
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    Image Credits

    Four Seasons Handprint Trees © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Winter Handprint Tree © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Spring Handprint Tree © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Summer Handprint Tree © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Fall Handprint Tree © 2015 Heather Johnson

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