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  • Winter Craft Roundup

    Winter Craft Roundup

    I love winter, but cold weather often means that my children and I get stuck inside. Crafts are a perfect activity to chase away the stir-craziness. What better way to pass a winter day with children than with some simple but cool crafts through a roundup of winter-inspired crafts for the littlest crafters. Arctic Fox […] More

  • The countdown to Christmas has begun. Celebrate the holiday season with a roundup of more than 40 crafts for Christmas.

    Christmas Craft Roundup

    Thanksgiving has come and passed. Christmastime is here! I love making holiday crafts with my kiddos with which to decorate our home. What better way to celebrate the approaching Christmas holiday than with some festive holiday crafts! Advent Wreath An Advent Wreath is a wreath that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent […] More

  • Winter Snowflake Wreath Craft

    Winter Snowflake Wreath Craft

    Winter is my second favorite season of the year right after fall. I love the cold weather and the snow. Unfortunately, my neck of the woods has not been blessed with much snow yet this year. I am also absolutely obsessed with making wreaths for each season of the year to hang around my house. […] More

  • Upcycled Sock Snowman Craft

    Upcycled Sock Snowman Craft

    I love making crafts from materials that I have around the house. I especially love repurposing old items that would otherwise end up in the trash. For one of our recent winter projects, my daughter and I made snowmen from old socks. Materials White socks Rags Colored baby socks Colored pipe cleaners Wiggle eyes, buttons, […] More

  • Puffy Snow Paint Craft

    Puffy Snow Paint Craft

    My kids and I have been having a blast the past few weeks making winter crafts. I have always loved painting. To share my hobby with my daughter while doing a winter-themed project, she and I recently made snow scenes using homemade puffy snow paint. Materials White glue Shaving cream Glitter Blue construction paper Plastic […] More

  • Puff Container Snowman Craft

    Puff Container Snowman Craft

    I love making crafts from materials that I have around the house. Because my son loves to eat baby puffs as a treat and snack, I have amassed a nice little collection of empty puff containers. Although I do not use a one-cup coffee maker, I also have a bag of empty K-cups that my […] More

  • Hot Chocolate Construction Paper Craft

    Hot Chocolate Construction Paper Craft

    I love making crafts with my kiddos. During the winter months, I also love sharing cups of hot cocoa with my kiddos. Last year in celebration of winter, my daughter and I made a hot chocolate craft from construction paper. Materials Construction paper Cotton balls Scissors Glue Instructions Cut one sheet of construction paper into […] More

  • Cold Hands Warm Heart Handprint Craft

    Cold Hands Warm Heart Handprint Craft

    Of all the crafts that I make with my children, I love the handprint and footprint crafts the best because I get to lock a tiny piece of my little ones in time. For a fun winter-themed craft, my kiddos and I made “Cold Hands Warm Heart” handprint crafts last January. Materials Construction paper Paint […] More

  • Four Seasons Handprint Trees

    Four Seasons Handprint Trees Craft

    Making crafts is one of my favorite pastimes with which to share with my children. Last summer during our homeschool preschool lesson on the seasons, my daughter and I made four seasons handprint trees. Materials Blue and brown construction paper Pencil Scissors Glue Light green, dark green, red, yellow, orange, and white paint Scrap cardboard […] More

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