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Puff Container Snowman Craft

Puff Container Snowman Craft

I love making crafts from materials that I have around the house. Because my son loves to eat baby puffs as a treat and snack, I have amassed a nice little collection of empty puff containers. Although I do not use a one-cup coffee maker, I also have a bag of empty K-cups that my husband rescued from the office. For one of our recent winter-themed crafts, my daughter and I made snowmen from the empty puff containers and K-cups.



  1. Wash and dry the baby puffs containers, lids, and K-cups.
  2. Paint the lids and K-cups black. Use more than one coat of paint as needed.
  3. After the paint dries thoroughly, glue the top of the K-cup to the top of the lid.
  4. Tie and glue a ribbon around the puff container.
  5. Decorate the snowman with buttons, beads, pompoms, and other decorating materials.
  6. Place the lid back on the container.
  7. Display the puff container snowman.

Clean Baby Puffs Containers and K-Cups Painting the Lids and K-Cups Black

Puff Containers and Ribbons Gluing Ribbons Around the Puffs Containers

Decorating the Puff Container Snowmen Puff Container Snowmen

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Image Credits

Puff Container Snowman Craft © 2016 Heather Johnson
Clean Baby Puffs Containers and K-Cups © 2016 Heather Johnson
Painting the Lids and K-Cups Black © 2016 Heather Johnson
Puff Containers and Ribbons © 2016 Heather Johnson
Gluing Ribbons Around the Puffs Containers © 2016 Heather Johnson
Decorating the Puff Container Snowmen © 2016 Heather Johnson
Puff Container Snowmen © 2016 Heather Johnson

  • Ha haaaa Wow I dont know whether to save and hope to remember this post for my Lil nieces on christmas tide or simply hope you will repost, How creative in using puff containers as snowmen…I never 🙂

    • I will reshare all my winter crafts starting next December!

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    My kids LOVED those puffs. I wish I would have seen this craft when they still ate them. I had so many of those containers.

  • Hannah Malanga

    You’re a very creative being! I would never have had this idea

  • How very creative and fun, I am not so good with crafts but would love to try this one.

    • Thanks! Definitely do try! My daughter had a blast making ours.

  • I love when items that are usually thought of as trash can be reused in a craft! So adorable too.

  • You always have the best craft ideas!! This is soooo cute!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Such a great use for puffcans!! I have a ridiculous amount lol!!

  • valmg

    These are super cute and a great way to recycle. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a puff container before, might it be newer or called something else?

  • What a cute craft project! Seems perfect for a snow day or a cold weekend afternoon!

  • Mardene Carr

    This is a really cute and seemingly fun project for kids of any age

  • Terri Irvin

    I can’t wait to try this with my grandchildren. What a adorable idea.

  • Rosie

    what a great way to upcycle and have some cute winter decorations, too. I love crafting and repurposing.

  • Molli Vandehey

    ha! what a great use for k cups. i just love this

  • mail4rosey

    I like when you can make things from items you already have too. These snowmen are cute. 🙂

  • Tua Mukherjee Chatterjee

    So creative. I will try doing it for my cute nephew. Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura

    What a cute craft. Love this!

  • Kristen Wilson

    Wow.. you go girl.. those are awesome! I don’t even know what puffs are, I thought you were talking about tissue.. so yea, not! lol Totally cute upcycle!

  • Edna Williams

    I just love this! Really cute! Thanks for sharing!

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