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  • Winter Craft Roundup

    Winter Craft Roundup

    I love winter, but cold weather often means that my children and I get stuck inside. Crafts are a perfect activity to chase away the stir-craziness. What better way to pass a winter day with children than with some simple but cool crafts through a roundup of winter-inspired crafts for the littlest crafters. Arctic Fox […] More

  • Upcycled Sock Snowman Craft

    Upcycled Sock Snowman Craft

    I love making crafts from materials that I have around the house. I especially love repurposing old items that would otherwise end up in the trash. For one of our recent winter projects, my daughter and I made snowmen from old socks. Materials White socks Rags Colored baby socks Colored pipe cleaners Wiggle eyes, buttons, […] More

  • Puff Container Snowman Craft

    Puff Container Snowman Craft

    I love making crafts from materials that I have around the house. Because my son loves to eat baby puffs as a treat and snack, I have amassed a nice little collection of empty puff containers. Although I do not use a one-cup coffee maker, I also have a bag of empty K-cups that my […] More

  • Snowman Snow Globe Craft

    Snowman Snow Globe Craft

    I absolutely adore making crafts with my kids, especially around the holidays. As my daughter continues to work on her fine motor skills, she has become more and more adept at wielding her safety scissors. Last winter, she and I made a simple but fun snowman snow globe craft, and she cut out all the […] More

  • Cotton Swab Painted Snowman Craft

    Cotton Swab Painted Snowman Craft

    My kiddos and I love making crafts together, especially for different holidays and seasons. Inspired by the Q-Tip Painted Snowman Craft from Mess for Less, my daughter and I made our own Cotton Swab Painted Snowman Craft last winter. Materials Blue construction paper White crayon Cotton swab White paint Scrap cardboard Black dot stickers Orange […] More

  • Footprint Snowman Craft

    Footprint Snowman Craft

    Of all the crafts that I make with my kiddos, I cherish handprint and footprint crafts the most because the style allows me to lock a small piece of my daughter and son in time. Last January I helped my children make footprint snowmen in celebration of winter. Materials Blue, black, brown, and white construction […] More

  • Paper Chain Snowman Craft

    Paper Chain Snowman Craft

    I love making seasonal crafts with my kiddos. Last year in preparation for Christmas and winter, my daughter and I made some simple but fun paper chain snowmen to hang around the house. Materials Black and white paper Black and orange markers Scissors Glue Yarn Directions Cut the white paper into three strips. Cut the […] More