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    Paper Daffodil Craft

    Paper Daffodil Craft

    My mom loves to garden. My daughter and I love to make crafts. For Mother’s Day this year, I helped her make two lovely bouquets of paper daffodils, one for me and one for grandma.



    1. Cut the green paper in long strips and petals.
    2. Cut the white paper into petals.
    3. Cut the pink paper into squares.
    4. Glue the green strips and petals onto the bottom of the purple paper.
    5. Glue the white petals in a circle at the end of each long green strip.
    6. Wrinkle up the pink squares.
    7. Glue a wrinkled pink square in the center of each white flower.

    Paper Daffodils

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    Image Credits

    Paper Daffodil Craft © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Paper Daffodils © 2015 Heather Johnson

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