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  • Valentine's Day Heart Butterfly Craft

    Valentine’s Day Heart Butterfly Craft

    My kids and I have been hard at work the past few weeks crafting homemade decorations and gifts for Valentine’s Day. One craft that my daughter really enjoyed making was a heart butterfly because she got to practice her burgeoning cutting skills. Materials Construction paper Markers Wiggle eyes Glue Scissors Instructions Cut two large hearts, […] More

  • Toilet Paper Roll Alphabet and Number Butterfly Craft

    Toilet Paper Roll Alphabet and Number Butterfly Craft

    I love making fun crafts with my daughter, especially crafts that reinforce our recent homeschool lessons. Recently my daughter and I made toilet paper roll butterflies with wings decorated with letters and numbers. Materials Toilet paper rolls Construction paper Scissors Glue Pipe cleanerss Foam letters and numbers Craft sticks Wiggle eyes Markers Directions Cut construction […] More

  • Paper Plate Button Butterfly Craft

    Paper Plate Button Butterfly Craft

    Crafting makes a great activity for a rainy spring day. To help usher in the season or learn about the letter B, make a paper plate button butterfly with your toddler or preschooler. Materials Paper plate Buttons Pipe cleaner Scissors Glue Directions Use the scissors to cut two triangle wedges from the top and bottom […] More

  • B Is for Butterfly Footprint Craft

    B Is for Butterfly Footprint Craft

    B is for butterfly! Help your toddler learn about the letter B by making a fun butterfly footprint craft. Materials Blue, pink, and purple nontoxic paint Blank paper Paper plate or scrap cardboard Cotton ball Cotton swab or paintbrush Instructions Pour some blue and pink paint onto the cardboard. Use a cotton ball to spread […] More