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  • How to Grow Cucumbers in a Home Garden: An Illustrated Guide

    How to Grow Cucumbers in a Home Garden: An Illustrated Guide

    Cucumber, whose scientific name is Cucumis sativus, is a family of gourd-like warm weather vegetables that is related to squash and melon. My family and I love eating cool cucumbers during the warm summer months. Cucumbers are low in saturated fat and very low in cholesterol and sodium. Although a large portion of the calories […] More

  • Carrot, Pea, and Cucumber Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Carrots, Peas, and Cucumbers

    Homemade baby food is super simple to prepare. Making your own baby food at home is also cheaper than buying commercial baby foods. Homemade baby food is often healthier than store bought varieties. Babies often prefer homemade food because the flavors are more intense than the much blander commercial foods. For my daughter, I started […] More

  • Easy Cucumber Salad

    Easy Cucumber Salad: Wordless Wednesday

    Making a delicious and healthy cucumber salad is as easy as mixing together some onion powder, a little white sugar, white vinegar and sliced cucumbers and then chilling the salad for a few hours. Image Credits Vinegar, Onion Powder, Sugar, and Cucumber © 2013 Heather Johnson Onion Powder in a Bowl © 2013 Heather Johnson […] More