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  • Fall Patio

    The Perky Patio: Five Patio Fixes

    Warmer weather is here! Now is the perfect time to tackle some patio fixes. Here are a few spring patio tips to spruce up your outdoor lair. 1. Don’t Have It? Build It! While it seems an odd time to start an outdoor project, spring provides the perfect weather to build that dream patio you’ve […] More

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    Tips for Cutting Back Overgrown Bushes and Shrubs

    Bushes and shrubs are woody plants that are distinguished from trees and other plants by their multiple stems and shorter full-grown height. Bushes are also perennial, which refers to any plant that lives for more than two years. The terms bush and shrub refer to many types of plants including butterfly bushes, burning bushes, evergreen […] More

  • Tips for Caring for Lilacs: Cutting Back Lilac Bushes

    Tips for Caring for Lilacs: Cutting Back Lilac Bushes

    My grandmother passed away in 2008, and my grandfather passed away this past summer. My mother and aunt sold the house this last summer. However, before selling my grandparents’ house, my mother brought me some small shoots from the lilac bush that my grandma had brought into town from the old farmhouse. I am now […] More