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  • Boys Playing in Sandbox

    Minimum Age Kids Can Be Unsupervised at Home by State

    There have been numerous stories in the news lately about parents who leave their children home alone. Parents engage in “free range” parenting when they go to work, head to the grocery store,¬†and while running other errands. In many cases, those parents truly believe that their children were capable of watching themselves for several hours. […] More

  • Little Boy Crying

    Parenting a Major Factor for Children Falling at Home

    Children love to climb! My own daughter quickly and easily scales the furniture in my home. However, with climbing comes the risk of falling. And, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, parenting plays a major factor for falls at home: Parents of children who fall from furniture are less likely […] More

  • Authoritarian Parenting and Obesity

    Children of Authoritarian Parents Have Increased Risk of Obesity

    Children whose parents use an authoritarian parenting style have an increased risk of obesity compared to children whose parents use an authoritative style, suggests a new study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014 meeting. Researchers including Lisa Kakinami, PhD, study author from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, identified four parenting styles based […] More

  • Family Moments

    Children with Involved Parents Become Slimmer Adults

    Individuals with involved parents during childhood are more likely to be slim in adulthood, suggests a recent crowdsourced study conducted by researchers at Cornell University in New York as published in the journal PLOS ONE. States study leader Brian Wansink, professor in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, “One of the […] More

  • Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    As parents, we all want what is best for our children and what will help them grow up happy, healthy, and whole. Throughout parenting, we will be faced with choices on how to raise our children, and which strategies you use will ultimately determine how your child turns out. Make sure to consider safety as […] More