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  • Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

    Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

    When I was pregnant with my daughter six years ago, I was thirty weeks into my pregnancy at Halloween. I was absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to dress up my pregnant belly. I had so many fun and safe Halloween costume ideas in mind. Unfortunately, Halloween fell on a Monday that year. Because I worked […] More

  • Baby Food Recipes: Peas

    Baby Food Recipes: Peas

    When both my kiddos started eating solid foods at exactly six months old, I immediately introduced vegetables and fruits through homemade baby food that I lovingly prepared in my kitchen. I personally find homemade baby purees and mashes easier, tastier, and cheaper than store bought varieties. In addition to sweet potatoes and green beans, one […] More

  • Carrot, Pea, and Cucumber Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Carrots, Peas, and Cucumbers

    Homemade baby food is super simple to prepare. Making your own baby food at home is also cheaper than buying commercial baby foods. Homemade baby food is often healthier than store bought varieties. Babies often prefer homemade food because the flavors are more intense than the much blander commercial foods. For my daughter, I started […] More

  • Zucchini and Sugar Snap Pea Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Zucchini and Sugar Snap Peas

    Although she is almost nineteen months old, my toddler daughter still loves the baby food that I lovingly prepare for her. I like that I can ensure that she eats a well-balanced diet full of vegetables and fruit. She loves the taste and the texture. She does eat unmashed foods, but she still loves her […] More

  • Peas and Green Beans Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Peas and Green Beans

    At almost eighteen months old, my daughter is still a fan of the homemade mashed baby food that I started making her when she first started eating solids at six months old. She can and does eat other solid foods such as Goldfish crackers, cheese, beans, and fruit and veggie slices. However, for one or […] More