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  • Nesselrode Pie Recipe

    Nesselrode Pie Recipe

    Nesselrode pie is a custard cream pie popular in Europe during the nineteenth century. The pie was first created for Count Karl Robert Graf von Nesselrode, who was a Russian diplomat who loved chestnuts. The dessert gained in popularity as a Christmas treat in New York City in the 1920s. I have always wanted to […] More

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

    Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

    I love pecans, and I love chocolate. My pecan pie is one of my absolute favorite pie recipes. Up until my first pregnancy, I was allergic to nuts. Once I discovered that my immune system had changed enough and I had outgrown my allergies, I began cooking with pecans galore! For Thanksgiving this year, I […] More

  • Chocolate Pie Recipe

    Chocolate Pie Recipe

    I always make at least two pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two of my holiday favorites include pumpkin pie and pecan pie. For Thanksgiving this year, my daughter asked me to make her a chocolate pie. As a chocolate lover myself who had never made a chocolate pie from scratch before, I granted her request. […] More

  • Millionaire Pie Recipe

    Millionaire Pie Recipe

    When I was growing up, my mom always made a frozen fruit salad for each holiday. While pursuing my Facebook feed this past holiday season, I saw a simple recipe for a delicious new dessert called Millionaire Pie. The fruit-based pie contained so many of the same goodies as my mom’s fruit salad — but […] More

  • Easy Banana Cream Pie

    Easy Banana Cream Pie Recipe

    My dad loved banana cream pie. Whenever I make or eat banana cream pie, I fondly think of him. I am also a fan of easy-to-make recipes that require only a few ingredients. Banana cream pie is one of the easiest desserts that I can whip together with minimal effort but maximum taste. Thus, in […] More

  • Pecan Pie Recipe

    Pecan Pie Recipe

    Pecan pie is a new holiday staple in my house! Up until the middle of November, I had lived under the assumption that I was still allergic to pecans. However, having outgrown a number of my food allergies during my pregnancy with my daughter, I decided to find out if I had outgrown any more […] More

  • Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    I love pumpkin! The bright orange fruit always makes me think of fall and the holiday season. So, in addition to pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasties, and pumpkin pudding during the holidays, I also love making pumpkin pie as one of my Thanksgiving dinner desserts. My favorite recipe for making pumpkin pie is a variation on […] More