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  • Torn Paper Valentine Craft

    Torn Paper Valentine Craft

    Receiving homemade valentines from my babies warms my heart. I also love making crafts with my kiddos. For Valentine’s Day this year, I helped my daughter make some simple but cute torn paper valentines. Both she and her baby brother loved tearing up the scrap construction paper. Materials Construction paper Scissors Glue Instructions Cut a […] More

  • Paper Square Collage Heart Craft

    Paper Square Collage Heart Craft

    As a librarian and library enthusiast, I take my kids to story time at our local libraries as often as possible. On Monday morning, the theme of the day was Valentine’s Day, and my daughter brought home a simple but adorable paper square collage heart craft. Materials White paper Red, pink, and purple paper Scissors […] More

  • H Is for Heart Handprint Craft

    H Is for Heart Handprint Craft

    H is for heart! Help your toddler learn about the letter H by making a fun heart handprint craft. Materials Red nontoxic paint Blank paper Paper plate or scrap cardboard Cotton ball Cotton swab or paintbrush Instructions Pour some red paint onto the cardboard. Use a cotton ball to spread a thin layer of red […] More

  • Mean Bean Energy Drink

    Energy Drinks Alter Heart Function Significantly

    Energy drinks have gained popularity in recent years. However, a new study published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) indicates that even healthy adults who consume energy drinks have “significantly increased” heart rates an hour after consumption. Although teens and young adults have traditionally been the largest consumers of energy drinks, individuals from […] More