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  • Heart Peacock Valentine's Day Craft

    Heart Peacock Valentine’s Day Craft

    My kids and I have been getting crafty in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Last year my daughter and I made heart snails and heart butterflies. For a fun animal-themed craft this year, my kids and I made heart peacocks using green, blue, purple, yellow, and pink construction paper and wiggle eyes. My son especially loved […] More

  • 'Bee Mine' Valentine's Day Craft

    ‘Bee Mine’ Valentine’s Day Craft

    Making handmade valentines is much more fun than buying premade cards from the store. For one of our Valentine’s Day crafts this year, my daughter and I made some adorable “Bee Mine” valentines. My daughter especially enjoyed practicing her scissor skills when she cut out the many hearts for the project. Materials Black, yellow, pink, […] More

  • Valentine's Day Heart Butterfly Craft

    Valentine’s Day Heart Butterfly Craft

    My kids and I have been hard at work the past few weeks crafting homemade decorations and gifts for Valentine’s Day. One craft that my daughter really enjoyed making was a heart butterfly because she got to practice her burgeoning cutting skills. Materials Construction paper Markers Wiggle eyes Glue Scissors Instructions Cut two large hearts, […] More

  • Valentine's Day Heart Snail Craft

    Valentine’s Day Heart Snail Craft

    I absolutely adore spending time making crafts with my kiddos. My daughter is also super excited to work on her burgeoning scissors skills. For a recent Valentine’s Day craft, my daughter and I made some simple but sweet heart snails. Materials Construction paper Glue Markers Scissors Instructions Cut a snail body shape from one color […] More

  • Heart Turkey Craft

    Heart Turkey Craft

    Making crafts for each holiday is a favorite activity in my house. For our homeschool preschool lesson on hearts last fall, my daughter and I made a pair of heart turkeys. Materials Red, orange, yellow, brown, and black construction paper Scissors Glue Directions Cut a heart from the red, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper. […] More

  • Heart Person Craft

    Heart Person Craft

    My daughter and I love making crafts together, especially during our homeschool preschool time. For a recent lesson on the letter H, she and I made heart people from construction paper. Materials Red and pink construction paper Scissors Glue Markers Directions Cut one large heart and four small hearts from the red construction paper. Cut […] More

  • Heart Turkeys

    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Hearts Lesson Plan

    Objective: To learn about the shape heart Book(s): A Circle Here, A Square There: My Shapes Book by David Diehl Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky Music: “Make a Heart” I put my hands together (Palms together) This is how I start I curve my fingers right […] More