Heart Person Craft


Heart Person Craft

My daughter and I love making crafts together, especially during our homeschool preschool time. For a recent lesson on the letter H, she and I made heart people from construction paper.



  1. Cut one large heart and four small hearts from the red construction paper.
  2. Cut four strips from the pink construction paper.
  3. Accordion fold the pink strips.
  4. Glue a small heart to the end of each pink strip.
  5. Glue the other end of the pink strips to the large heart.
  6. Draw a face on the large heart with markers.

Heart People


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Heart Person Craft © 2015 Heather Johnson
Heart People © 2015 Heather Johnson


Written by Heather Johnson

Heather is a writer, librarian, linguist, wife, and mother who loves her husband, children, dogs, and cat. She has a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in creative writing and master's degrees in library and information science and English studies with a concentration in linguistics.

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