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    Fall Party Decorations for Your Doors: Welcome Your Autumn Guests with Seasonal Cheer

    Fall Party Decorations for Your Doors: Welcome Your Autumn Guests with Seasonal Cheer

    Fall is here once again, which means that the holiday season is near. Thanksgiving is soon approaching. Revel in the celebratory mood by decorating your house with wreaths, pumpkins, centerpieces, and other fall party decorations. Of course, one of the most important places to start decorating with fall decorations for home are your entrance doors. This is what your guests first see upon arriving at your home. Decorating your door beautifully will make them feel welcome and at home. Plus, putting up fall party decorations in your entranceways will greet your family and friends with seasonal cheer. Here are some fall door decorating ideas for your home.

    The first option is to hang up a fall wreath to welcome your family and friends. It can even last until the whole fall season because most of the decorating materials that you will use will be dried or preserved. For materials you can use grapevine, straw, or twigs for the base. You can then attach dried leaves, twigs, acorns, or flowers to the base. Use whatever is convenient for you or things that you can easily find at home or at your backyard. The usual materials used on a fall wreath are raffia bows, mini pumpkins or corncobs, and other fall party decorations. You can also decorate your doorframe with aesthetically arranged fall leaves. It is better to use faux autumn leaves so that your wreath will last, but real leaves can also be used. You can add lights, corn stalks, or poinsettias for more effect.

    Deco Mesh and Ribbon Autumn Wreath Craft Deco Mesh and Burlap Ribbon Indian Corn Autumn Wreath Craft

    Autumn Pumpkin Yarn Wreath Duct Tape and Ribbon Autumn Wreath Craft

    Another of my favorite fall party decorations for decorating entrance doors that you can easily make is an autumn garland. You can either hang it on your doorframe or window frame. It is something that is more visible than a wreath. You can also make an autumn garland that complements your wreath so that the effect will be more pleasing to the eye. You can use wire to attach a garland securely to the doorframe and for it to last for a few months. You can easily get a ready-made autumn garland at a craft store, and you can decorate it over your doorframe. You can also add bows or flowers for added effect. Lastly, you can also add seasonal mini-lights on the autumn garland. I personally like orange lights against an autumn leaf garland.

    A half basket for fall is a unique decorative item for your door. Just cut a basket in half and attach a piece of cardboard at the back so you can hang it flat on your door. You can put seasonal objects like flowers, acorns, dried leaves, and fall fruits and veggies in the basket. Just arrange the basket in a neat and simple manner and remember not to over-decorate. Simple and intricate ornaments are more likely to look elegant than a haphazardly arranged half basket filled with random items. Half baskets are easy but beautiful fall decorations for home.

    There are so many more ways to decorate your front door with fun and seasonal fall party decorations. You just have to look at your surroundings and use what is easily available. Remember that a beautifully decorated entrance makes your guests feel welcome and sets a cheery and festive atmosphere for your home.

    Natural Autumn Door Wreath

    How do you decorate your home during the autumn season?

    For more door decorating ideas, check out my Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Wreath Roundup. Also check out my Ideas for Decorating the Home for Thanksgiving.

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    Fall Party Decorations for Your Doors: Welcome Your Autumn Guests with Seasonal Cheer: (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
    Deco Mesh and Ribbon Autumn Wreath Craft © 2016 Heather Johnson
    Deco Mesh and Burlap Ribbon Indian Corn Autumn Wreath Craft © 2016 Heather Johnson
    Autumn Pumpkin Yarn Wreath © 2016 Heather Johnson
    Duct Tape and Ribbon Autumn Wreath Craft © 2016 Heather Johnson
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