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    Ideas for Decorating the Home for Thanksgiving

    Ideas for Decorating the Home for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is an American holiday that focuses on the expression of thanks and gratitude. Celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together and be thankful. One of the biggest traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday is the Thanksgiving dinner which traditionally includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberries, and other delicious fall foods. In preparation for this holiday, many homeowners decorate their homes in the Thanksgiving spirit. Learn about some easy-to-follow tips for decorating home for Thanksgiving with these simple decorating ideas.

    The Thanksgiving Table

    Simple Thanksgiving DecorationsThe dining room table is center stage for most Thanksgiving celebrations. To decorate the table, begin with a tablecloth in red, orange, gold, or brown or patterned with two or more colors. For a solid colored tablecloth, add place mats for each chair in a contrasting color: for example, a red tablecloth with gold place mats or a brown tablecloth with orange place mats. For a patterned tablecloth, select place mats in a matching solid color.

    Be creative with a Thanksgiving themed centerpiece: think cornucopias, turkeys, or fall vegetables. If you love pumpkins, use some fresh ones of different sizes and colors as a centerpiece. Or, use your favorite Thanksgiving decoration in the center of your table. For example, I use a wicker cornucopia filled with plastic fruits and vegetables as my Thanksgiving centerpiece. Finally, if you have children in your household, consider allowing your kids to make handmade Thanksgiving-themed nameplates for the table.

    Thanksgiving Around the House

    Decorating around the home for Thanksgiving can be as fun or as fancy as you want. I prefer a more fun and festive look for my home. Around the windows I hang gold tinsel garland. I decorate my front picture window with turkey and other Thanksgiving window clings. I also replace my brightly colored flower arrangements with orange, red, and yellow flowers and leaves and hang a fall wreath on my front door. For a more demure look, consider some simple coverings for tables in reds, oranges, yellows, and browns and maybe a few classy Thanksgiving decorations like vases and knickknacks. Or, arrange some Thanksgiving cards to decorate a table in your front room.

    I love decorating my home for the holidays. Thanksgiving is my third favorite holiday right behind Christmas and Halloween. I always put out my favorite Thanksgiving decorations each November in preparation for the holiday including my treasured turkey blow mold.

    Turkey Blow Mold Autumn Candles

    Pilgrim and Indian Ceramics Cornucopia

    Outside Thanksgiving Decorations

    Decorating outside my house is my favorite part of decorating the home for Thanksgiving. To add some fun to my empty gardens and flowerbeds, I decorate my yard with some simple straw scarecrows that I found in the decoration aisle at a store. If you have bushes in front of your home or lining a walkway to your door, consider stringing up some yellow or orange Christmas lights to add a touch of festive light to the outside of your home. Fresh pumpkins and squashes also make beautiful outdoor decorations when arranged on your porch or along your walk.

    Outside Thanksgiving Decorations in Carillon Outside Scarecrow Decorations for Thanksgiving

    Traditionally a harvest festival for celebrating gratitude, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. You, too, can decorate your home in the spirit of Thanksgiving with these simple ideas for decorating home for Thanksgiving.

    For more Thanksgiving decoration ideas, check out my Construction Paper Pumpkin Turkey Craft, Paper Handprint Turkey Craft, Paper Plate Turkey Craft, Pinecone and Pipe Cleaner Turkey Craft, Pinecone and Construction Paper Turkey Craft, Heart Turkey Craft, and Turkey Handprint Craft.

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