Valentine’s Day Turtle Craft

Valentine's Day Turtle Craft

While making crafts for Valentine’s Day recently, my daughter asked to make a valentine turtle. I got out the construction paper and scissors, and my daughter went to down cutting out heart shapes for her simple but adorable Valentine’s Day turtle.



  1. Cut out a large half circle, four small rectangles, one small triangle, and one small circle from the light green construction paper.
  2. Cut out small hearts from the dark green construction paper.
  3. Glue the rectangles to the flat edge of the half circle.
  4. Glue the circle to one corner of the half circle.
  5. Glue the triangle to the other corner of the half circle.
  6. Glue the turtle onto the pink construction paper.
  7. Glue the hearts to the half circle.
  8. Draw a face on the circle.

Valentine's Day Turtle Craft

For more fun turtle crafts, try my Paper Plate Turtle Craft and T Is for Turtle Handprint Craft.

Image Credits

Valentine’s Day Turtle Craft © 2016 Heather Johnson
Valentine’s Day Turtle © 2016 Heather Johnson

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