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  • C Is for Chicken Paper Plate Craft

    C Is for Chicken Paper Plate Craft

    Paper plates are an inexpensive craft medium, especially for the littlest crafters. At a recent museum class for toddlers, my youngest daughter and I made some simple but adorable paper plates chickens. She loved helping me stick the pieces onto the paper plate. Use the craft with older kiddos in conjunction with a lesson on […] More

  • 'Oskar Can' Book Review

    ‘Oskar Can’ Book Review

    I am always looking for new books to share with my two youngest children. My oldest has been reading on her own for three years, but my son and toddler daughter need me to read books out loud. Shorter books with bold illustrations tend to hold the attention of the littlest readers best, and I […] More

  • The History of Halloween Costumes (Plus Easy Flamingo Costume)

    The History of Halloween Costumes (Plus Easy Flamingo Costume)

    The story of the Halloween costume begins with the history of Halloween. The ancient Celtic people lived in northern Europe in areas now known as Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and northern France. Winter began early, around November, for the Celts, who marked the occasion with the harvest festival of Samhain, the night on which […] More

  • 'Look, See the Farm!' Book Review

    ‘Look, See the Farm!’ Book Review

    I am the granddaughter of farmers. I also love exploring new books with my three children. My preschool son especially loves all things farming, and our home library contains more than a few titles about farms. When recently offered the chance to review Look, See the Farm! written by Bill Wilson and Katie Fallon with […] More

  • Heart Penguin Valentine's Day Craft

    Heart Penguin Valentine’s Day Craft

    My kiddos and I love making crafts for each holiday of the year, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Using white and orange hearts on a black oval, my children and I crafted some adorable heart-inspired penguins. My daughter cut and glued her penguin all by herself. My preschool son also glued his […] More

  • Heart Flamingo Valentine's Day Craft

    Heart Flamingo Valentine’s Day Craft

    Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday! To prepare for the big day, my kiddos and I have been making some heart-inspired crafts. My mom loves pink flamingos, so my children wanted to make her some special flamingo valentines. My daughter cut, glued, and drew her valentine all by herself while my son once again […] More

  • 'Look, See the Bird!' Book Review

    ‘Look, See the Bird!’ Book Review

    My children and I love exploring new books together. Both my kids, and especially my toddler son, love books about birds. Our home library now contains quite a few titles about birds. Thus, when recently offered the chance to review Look, See the Bird! written by Bill Wilson and Katie Fallon with illustrations by Leigh […] More

  • Heart Peacock Valentine's Day Craft

    Heart Peacock Valentine’s Day Craft

    My kids and I have been getting crafty in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Last year my daughter and I made heart snails and heart butterflies. For a fun animal-themed craft this year, my kids and I made heart peacocks using green, blue, purple, yellow, and pink construction paper and wiggle eyes. My son especially loved […] More

  • 'Science with Stuff' Books 1

    Exploring Science with ‘Science with Stuff’ Books

    I am extremely serious about introducing my children to STEM topics during homeschool lessons, especially my daughter because of the current lack of women in STEM fields. Both she and my son are quite interested in science at the moment, and I want to foster that interest as much as possible. When recently offered the […] More

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